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With Spectranet Wireless Broadband you can get DSL/Cable speeds without having to pay for un-needed services from the telephone or cable company's. We provide true broadband speeds to areas that no one else can possibly reach.
We literally provide Broadband Internet access to the "Oldham and surrounding rural areas".

  • No phone line required.
  • Not yearly contract.
  • No download caps.
  • Flexible and affordable rates.
  • Reliable coverage and connectivity.
  • Bespoke business packages.
  • Free Anti-Virus software.
  • Free Email accounts.
  • Excellent technical support.
  • Stable, always-on Internet with consistently fast speeds.
  • Better download and upload speeds than cellular or satellite connectivity.

  • More cost effective than cellular or satellite connectivity.
  • Local Support based right here in Oldham.
  • No Charges for Site surveying and signal testing
  • Receive free email accounts (optional).
  • We provide the installation, with quality testing, to your home.
  • Provides Quality of Service that is perfect for sending and receiving emails, browsing and shopping online, staying connected with social media, sharing photos, casual gaming, streaming TV and videos and video chat with family and friends.